Saudi National Water Company reveals $1.1bn plans

The Saudi National Water Company (NWC) has announced plans to carry out a number of infrastructure projects valued at $1.1bn to expand water and sewage services in Riyadh province, Arab News reports.

“The new projects are aimed at improving water and sewage services,” a NWC statement said, adding that the projects would be implemented following international standards.

“We are now preparing a strategic plan for Riyadh, especially to distribute new quantities of water coming from the Eastern Province city of Ras Al-Khair,” the company said.

The desalination plant in Ras Al-Khair will pump 800,000m³ of water daily to Riyadh, NWC said, adding that the new pipeline projects would cost $800m.

The new projects include installation of pipes with a total length of 580km and setting up of water tanks with a capacity of 1.5 million m3, including three strategic tanks.

The three tanks, with a capacity of 300,000 and 600,000m3, will be set up in the north, west and south of Riyadh.

“We are also carrying out a number of projects to construct main water pipelines, establish sewage networks and give home connections at a total cost of $267m.”

NWC has given more than 400,000 home connections. The demand for home connections is increasing at the rate of 18,000 annually, it added.

by CW Staff , Jul 9, 2012