Online hiring rises in Mena

Around 50 per cent of employers seek potential hires through the Internet, while 84pc search candidates online before making a final decision, according to regional job site Bayt.com.

“Creating an online presence is now more essential than ever,” said Bayt.com sales vice-president Suhail Masri.

“The world is turning increasingly to the Internet as a comprehensive source for employment needs.

“Bayt.com provides tools job-seekers need to boost their online presence, to give them the best possible chance at gaining employment.

“With the widespread popularity of social media, it is especially important that candidates monitor their Internet presence by ensuring that they have a professional presence on the web that employers can find quickly when they search for them,” he said.

“With more than eight out of 10 employers taking the time to search the Internet to find out more about their potential hires, maintaining a professional online profile could be the key to securing or losing a job,” he added.

Sourcing relevant candidates is one of the biggest challenges faced when hiring for senior executives and management positions, according to 29.2pc of respondents.

This would suggest that the chances of employment are higher for candidates who have a prominent online presence, as they have more opportunity to stand out from the competition and be seen and contacted by top employers.

The data for the Bayt.com Hiring Management in the Mena poll was collected online from June 21 to August 22 from 6,665 respondents across more than 12 countries in the Mena region.

August 28, 2012