Oman industrial minerals sector set to burgeon

MUSCAT – The Middle East in general and Oman in particular is set to experience an industrial minerals mining boom, the London-based Metal Bulletin and Industrial Minerals Events said.
Oman’s mining and mineral sector’s contribution to the GDP reached RO101.1 million in 2012, from RO99.3 million in 2011, RO91.7 million in 2010 and RO82.6 million in 2009, Oman’s Ministry of Information said online.
This trend is expected to keep on increasing considering a number of new developments.
Against this backdrop, Metal Bulletin and Industrial Minerals Events is all set to organize a major two-day international conference on mining and mineral sector from Nov.18 in Muscat.
The “Middle East Industrial Minerals Conference-2013″ will bring together members of the global industrial minerals markets, Paul Dallman, Program Manager, Metal Bulletin and Industrial Minerals Events, said.
Mining in Oman can be a significant primary industry and a big contributor to the national economy. Historically, mining has attracted big foreign investors to Oman. Many different ores and minerals are mined throughout the country.

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